Surgical Treatment: Implants

Dental implant procedure is the term used to describe the entire process you go through from the time you walk into the dentist's clinic for the first time, when getting your dental implants, till the last time you walk out of there with your new beautiful smile.
If you got to this page and still don't know what a dental implant is then click here to go to the dental implant definition , otherwise keep on reading.

The dental implant procedure involves 2 main stages separated by a minimum of 3 months healing time:

  •  Dental implant surgery - in which the implants are placed into the jaw bone.
  •  Implant restoration - the process in which a crown is built on top of the dental implants.

Both procedures are very common, and not too complicated. In some cases, depending on the patient's jaw bone anatomy, a sinus lift or a dental bone graft is needed too. The duration of the whole dental implant procedure varies from patient to patient and depends, among other things, on the patient's physical condition and anatomy. It can take three to nine months and sometimes even longer! Yet most of that time is spent on the healing of the tissue and waiting for the growth of new bone in your jaw.

In some cases the dentist may decide to restore the dental implants immediately after placing them in the process of the dental implant surgery. This dental implants procedure is known as immediate loading and it's duration is very short - the patient can walk home the same day of the surgery with their newly restored teeth.